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Delivery and Returns Information

Delivery and Returns Information


The cost of a standard seven day guaranteed delivery to the United States is included in the price quoted for each product we offer. There are no hidden costs. You pay for delivering your purchase right to your door in the United States.


This is a guaranteed service that enables your gift to be delivered within seven working days.


However, almost all our consignments reach their destinations typically within two to four days working days, hence our promise of a four working day delivery.


About 5% of our total consignments to the United States are passed through US Customs for routine checks - this can delay the delivery by up to three days. Tipsy Gifts cannot be held liable for any delay caused by US Customs.

It is worth pointing out that when US Customs do check the consignments, 100% are relaesed and sent on their way without any further inconvenience. We have never experienced any unneccessary delays, charges or additional paperwork during these checks.


It is always a good idea to find out if your recipient is either at home, or at work on the required delivery day.


Should you or your recipient not be at the delivery address when USPS deliver the consignment, a card will be posted through the letterbox advising the recipient that they attempted delivery and inviting you to telephone them to arrange either to pick up the gift at the local Post Office, or to arrange a convenient time for re-delivery to the chosen address. If not collected within two weeks, USPS will return the parcel to us. Shipping will then become payable by you to send it back out to your delivery address again.


The couriers are also instructed not to leave the consignment with anyone without first receiving a signature for it, nor will they accept any instruction to deliver to an alternative address without written confirmation from Tipsy Gifts. The signatory must provide proof of age if any doubt arises.


Once the order has been paid for, no refunds or exchanges may be given under any circumstances other than in the unlikely event of damage to the gift in transit.


Should the gift arrive in a damaged condition, Tipsy Gifts must be informed via email within 24 hours of receipt. Photographic evidence may be requested via email to speed up the process.


Our couriers will be instructed to collect the gift and bring it back to Tipsy Gifts by return.

Upon receipt of the complete consignment (including any damaged elements) returned in the original packaging to Tipsy Gifts, a replacement will be sent out to the recipient, or a full refund will be credited to your card immediately.


Alternatively, we may offer a refund proportionate to the number of damaged bottles.

In the unlikely event that damage does occur, you may be rest assured we will look after you, and will ensure you will not be dissatisfied with our after sales service.

Please contact us should you require further information or clarification on our delivery service.



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