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1, 2, 3......Go!!!!

As you may know, we launched our new payment method over a week ago, enabling you to purchase any size case deal of Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur in three monthly instalments. This means you can spread the cost between now and the Holidays, and receive your order way ahead of the Christmas rush.

What we hadn't planned for was the overwhelming response to this way of placing your Sheridan's order. It is now almost head and head with the 'buy now, send now' method of payment!

It's great for us, as we can plan our operations to meet the increased demand without risking running low on our stocks close to Christmas, but it's also great for you because you can now buy your favourite coffee liqueur in three easy instalments. It's that simple!

Take a look at our Plans & Pricing page for full details of how to get ahead of the Christmas rush, sit back, and relax knowing you have unique and special Christmas gifts already sorted!

Do you have a particular favourite tipple that you just can't get Stateside? We undestand how frustrating it can be. We have experience in sourcing the highest quality European Craft Liqueurs and Gins, and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.


It would be our absolute pleasure to hear from you, try our best to source it, and provide you with the most economic quotation for your consideration.

Simply email and see what we can do for you!

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